Social Collaboration - Joyofdress

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Joyofdress is always on the hunt for new bloggers or social influencers to collaborate with. 

How to Collaborate?
1. Please introduce yourself to with social links. 
2. Joyofdress will send you one or several dresses for free if we think you are eligible.
3. Please take photos and videos of our dresses and send to our email:
In the blog, an anchor text referring to should be contained and claim the prize is offered by
4. All the Social posts must add @joyofdress and #joyofdress tag.
5. We will reserve the right to collect photos/videos of your post, use the information of your post.

Find us:
YouTube: Joyofdress Official
TikTok: @joyofdress
5. We have the right to use your photos and videos.